So, whether it is a personal loan to buy a house or go on a vacation, or a structured credit facility to achieve mission-critical business goals, we can offer tailor-made loan solutions to all your cash-flow challenges. From time to time in life and business, we find ourselves needing a little or a lot more money than we have to meet certain pressing financial goals. At LWI Bank our loan offerings provide a fall-back position to secure the funds you need. Term Loan is a credit (short term, medium or long term) availed to finance specific capital projects expansion or lines of business for a specified tenor. Our products include:

Personal Loan
Auto loans
Home Mortgage Loan
Asset Loan Finance

Personal Loan

LWI Bank Personal Loans can be used for plenty of purposes! They can be availed when you are planning a vacation, renovating your home or arranging a dream wedding for yourself or somebody special in the family. Now you need not postpone things on your bucket list! You can get a Personal Loan from $5,000 upto $15,00,000 with minimal documentation and speedy approval from LWI Bank. Also, you can transfer your existing high interest Personal Loan to LWI Bank as well. With a quick approval on Personal Loans, turn your dreams into reality. At LWI Bank, we believe your journey should continue without any speed bumps. Which is why we bring you customized bank loans at competitive interest rates. To get started, check your loan eligibility using our simple loan calculators. You can submit your loan application online in three easy steps and avail the most attractive interest rates and comfortable repayment tenures. Personal Loan is an all-purpose loan, offering you flexible repayment plans and the option to access additional funds after repayment over time. So whatever you’re financing, it’s easy to lean on us. Turn your dreams into reality with a Personal Loan from LWI Bank. Take that vacation you have been delaying or complete the home renovation that has been pending. With an LWI Bank Personal Loan , you can achieve all your goals. The Personal Loan EMI Calculator helps you calculate your monthly instalments way before you apply for a loan and have a definite estimate of your monthly payments well in advance.

Mortgage Loan

Owning a house is everyone’s dream, doing so through a hassle-free process is an icing on the cake. This is what LWI Bank Homes stands to offer – making the dream of owing your own home a reality! Whether you are planning to buy a land and build later, or commence construction or buy an already developed home, we are there all the way as a trusted companion, guiding and supporting financially when others fail to. Our well thought - out loan choices with peculiar features to suit your needs, aspirations and financial conditions is a must to experience. This loan is available to salaried individuals for outright purchase of new homes or equity release on existing residential property. Buying your first home, constructing or simply renovating? Our flexible home loan will give you the financial boost you need to support your project. At LWI Bank, we believe that your bank should support your dreams and aspirations. That's why we have developed convenient mortgage solutions to help make your dream of owning your own home a reality. Whether you are a first time buyer, or thinking about property purchase as an investment, we have convenient mortgage solutions for you. Our home loan advisers will meet you in person and take you through the process step by step to make your experience of buying a home as hassle-free as possible.

Auto Loan

Own your dream car and conveniently spread the payments over a period. This is a consumer credit scheme which allows qualified individuals to part-finance acquisition of vehicle for personal use. Customers can own a car and pay over a period of time. Car dealers usually offer financing through their preferred lenders, but that’s not your only option. Getting pre-approved directly with a lender helps you to negotiate the best auto loan rate before you even get to the lot and probably save money in the long run. Salesmen like to focus on the monthly payment, which makes it easier to forget about the actual price of the car. But when you show up with a pre-approved loan in-hand, the only thing left to discuss is the price of the car. Some dealers might even try to beat the best auto loan rate you got elsewhere, giving you the option to choose the best offer. The credit program that gives you the opportunity to own that automobile you have always longed for such as: new cars.
Commuting by public transport becoming a chore? Dream of seeing your own car parked outside your home when you wake up? LWI Bank Auto Loan will ensure that you drive around the city in your own vehicle! Avail a car loan, or opt for a pre-approved car loan, and get the best interest rates. Before you apply for a car loan online, make sure to use the car loan calculator to find out your EMI. Apply for an LWI Bank New Car Loan and make your dream of owning a car come true.

Asset finance Loan

We offer you a flexible and convenient way to get the household items that you need to turn your house into a home. From a new Inverter to a Generator or Television set, you can get the comfort you deserve through the Diamond Asset Lease. The latest smartphones are also available to help you stay trendy and connected. The credit program that gives you the opportunity to own that asset you have always longed for such as: new cars, personal computers and notebooks, generators, mobile phones, washing machines, household furniture, gas/electric cookers, electronic and electrical appliances.


Convenient terms of payment.
The opportunity to own your own asset without having to save for a long period
Considerate and convenient terms of payment
Competitive interest rates.

Banking Objectives

We protect people's savings and help them make the purchases – from everyday transactions to buying a home – that improve the quality of their lives. We advise people on how to invest for future needs, such as their children's education and their own retirement, and help them buy securities such as stocks and bonds.

One of the most popular payment forms online are credit and debit cards. Besides them, there are also alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards or bitcoin wallet (bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency).E-payment methods could be classified into two areas, credit payment systems and cash payment systems.