Digital banking portals allow banks to provide customers with access to traditional banking services via their PC or smart phone device. These services save customers and the bank time and money. Consequently, they are more popular than ever. New digital channels have provided the banking industry with the position to evolve, allowing for increased customer base, expansion into new markets and the introduction of new products. With this shift, banks will need to transform from traditional branch based servicing to end-to-end digital offerings.
Banking services will now need to provide customers with a high level of access, specifically mobile apps and remap their traditional engagement tactics. Customers are looking for a way to transform their banking experience with convenient and easy access, tailored to their personal lifestyle. Digital banking has arrived. Customize banking services with a focus on users. Intellias helps banks and financial service providers make interactions with their solutions as smooth as possible. To provide well-targeted digital banking services, we apply our experience working with digital-only banks to help new players in this evolving field. We consult our clients on the best possible way to onboard new customers and unify the user flow throughout all touchpoints with a bank. We both customize existing digital banking platforms to make them more user-oriented and develop digital banking solutions from scratch.

The Intellias team brings its financial technology expertise to the digital services for banking field in various ways but with a common goal of digitalizing services. We develop successful user-centric SaaS solutions for online banking, mobile banking, and contactless payments. We also apply our cumulative expertise in cloud platform development, APIs, scalable infrastructure, code refactoring, and continuous integration to help digital banks thrive in their markets. During development, we focus on microservices to allow easy integration with popular third-party services. The ability to manage your finances online from your computer, tablet, or smartphone is becoming more and more important to consumers. LWI bank will typically offer digital banking services that include:

Internet/Online Banking: You are using online banking service every time you log in to your online bank account. In other words, transactions conducted electronically using the internet as a gateway are called online banking. Online banking are banking services where depositors can manage more aspects of their accounts over the Internet, rather than visiting a branch or using the telephone. Online banking typically is comprised of a secure connection to banking information through the depositor’s home computer or another device. Personal Internet Banking provides you with brand-new internet banking services, including account inquiry, transfer and remittance, donation, Fund Investment, T-bond trade, gold trading, FX trade, financing products, bill payment and other function.

Mobile Banking: You all have used this at some time or the other. Every financial transaction you undertake using your Smartphone applications is termed as mobile banking. Apart from the commercial apps, your financial service provider would also have a mobile app with which you can transfer cash and make bill payments conveniently on your mobile. This is by far the most trending among all the banking types, and the onus is that you would only need your Smartphone and an internet connection for this kind of banking!


Access your finances 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

View your account(s) balance(s)

View and print your transactions

Immediately transfer money to your other accounts or to other banks

Pay your bills online using BillPay

Send secure mail to our Customer Service Centre

Schedule payments from your account(s)

View and print electronic statements

Add your personal payees and billers

Do foreign transactions

Change your password

View history of your Personal Internet Banking sessions

View account balances and transactions history

Transfer funds between related accounts

Make bill payments to pre-established third parties

Securely send money to friends and family using a mobile number or an e-mail address

Make Mobile Check deposit

View Mobile Check deposit History

Banking Objectives

We protect people's savings and help them make the purchases – from everyday transactions to buying a home – that improve the quality of their lives. We advise people on how to invest for future needs, such as their children's education and their own retirement, and help them buy securities such as stocks and bonds.

One of the most popular payment forms online are credit and debit cards. Besides them, there are also alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards or bitcoin wallet (bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency).E-payment methods could be classified into two areas, credit payment systems and cash payment systems.